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Non-profit organizations have certain insurance needs that should be addressed in order to properly cover the, sometimes, unique situations they have. It is because of such diverse needs that it is impossible to provide detailed information on the special risks your organization faces and the type of coverages you need.

However, there are the basic coverages you will need such as property, liability, automobile, other insurance or bond.

There are also the more common coverages required by many non-profit entities covering volunteers, social workers professional liability, directors and officers liability coverage or medical malpractice.

We are indeed proud to include small, medium and large size non-profits in our agency. Call us for a more comprehensive discussion of these coverages as well as an exposure analysis of other coverages that you may need.

Let us advise you on non-profit insurance.
This coverage is done by an endorsement to the liability policy. It protects volunteers if they are negligent while performing duties for the insured and an injury or damage to the client occurs. It provides this protection whether the volunteer works 1 hour or 600+ hours for the organization.

This covers any bad, unskilled, or negligent occurrence which does injury or damage to a client.
Malpractice insurance covers the breach by a medical professional of either a standard of care or a standard of conduct which causes injury or damage to a patient. This coverage is essential for any kind of facility that has a clinic or other medical operation.

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